About Us

When our executives, Mr. Abi Phuyal, Mr. Ranjit Tamang and Mr. Shiva Sunar met each other in Japan, they made plans to start a business together. AS a result, they intended to launch a Japanese consultancy as a startup business where Mr. Ranjit and Mr. Shiva returned to Nepal to build and administer the consultancy from here while Mr. Abi stayed in Japan in order to carry out other activities from there. This is how Guchi International Language Center Pvt. Ltd was found.

Why Us

Guchi is an educational consultancy working diligently for fulfilling the dreams of Nepalese students to study in Japan, since establishment. We are working effortlessly for making Nepalese student capable of speaking and understanding the Japanese language and helping them to study in Japan. We have skilled teachers having high knowledge of the Japanese language as well as teaching experience. Likewise, we have our managers who have experienced the Japanese student as well as working life by themselves.

Similar to this, one of our supervisors in Japan provides assistance to our students there with regard to school, housing and employment opportunities. Additionally, we collaborate with Japanese college to offer students a school and assistance for scholarships. Apart from student visas in Japan, our collaborators support us with various professional visas as well. We also train applicants for SSW visas. Likewise we provide them computer instruction classes so they can understand how to use a computers and its icons on a fundamental level. If you are interested in studying or working in Japan, then contact us:


With a workforce of passionate and motivated individuals and great services, Guchi International Language Centre Pvt. Ltd is driven to address the needs of students looking to study abroad. We believe we have added a building block to the nations strength aby assisting in the realization of so many aspirations available resources both inside and beyond the nation to fulfill our aim of improving opportunities for Nepalese students. Our main goals are:

  • To make our students language efficient to avoid language problems in Japan.
  • To help our students for choosing their school in Japan and providing them scholarship as much as possible in Japan.
  • To help them search universities for further study or full time working jobs by our collaborators and managers staying in Japan.
  • To help our students to find apartments for staying independently.
  • To help them get part time jobs while studying to make them financially more stable.
  • To provide our students with career counselling options as to let them choose to study in which field in Japan.

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